Our Services

Computer-controlled Custom Mixes

There is nothing ordinary about the mixes from GASH.

Each order is customized and prepared with precision to your specifications in our fully computerized soil blending equipment. Our ability to custom tailor each mix ensures that you are receiving the most appropriate mix for the needs of your golf course. And with our double screening capabilities, you can be sure that your first load of mix is the same as your last.

Soil Amendments

GASH will incorporate amendments into the blend to further customize your mix.

The following amendments are in-stock and available for custom blending upon request:
Dolomite ~ Hi-Cal ~ Wetting Agents ~ Charcoal
Humic ~ Minor Elements ~ Rock Phosphate

Want to blend an amendment not listed above? No problem! Just order the product and have it delivered to our production facility.

Ongoing Service

GASH is a leader in providing continuous customer support.

This is why we make comprehensive sieve and soil analyses, and percolation tests available to our customers. This service identifies sand particle sizes and organic percentages of the soils on your course and helps to determine your particular needs. Count on us for all of your soil and sand needs.